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Friend Finder

If you've ever wondered where your friends are, you can GPS their location with this handy tool.


Line Size

Less waiting, more partying. These are user reported bar and restroom wait times. 


Stage Buzz

See which stage is the hottest based on buzz-score.



A place to buy, sell or trade anything for the weekend. *Bonus under this feature: Your Fest Friends will post the menus of every food truck and vendor when they get there.


Show reminders

Get text message reminders when your favorite artists are about to go on.



We're making sure you have one because we love you.

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Why didn't anyone think of making this earlier? I never find my friends to meet up with.

Cute girl(at an event in West Hollywood)

FestFriend is my new best friend. Last year, I had extra chicken I could have sold in the app's marketplace that would have saved people cash.

USC Student

Holy moly this app rocks my socks. I've needed FestFriend for years.

Recent UCSD grad